Friday Dec. 2nd: Welcome TBN/Daystar/EWTN viewers! Three Networks/One Mission: Touching Lives/Saving Souls! Thank you so much for your generous support! Donate  
jesus-2 (003).jpgFriday: We are in the first week of the season of Advent. Advent means "coming, or arrival." Advent is a season of preparation for the coming of Jesus at the end of time, Christmas and each day. We light the candles symbolizing hope, love, joy and peace. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus! 

Cloudy and spritzy today in Houston. I preside at 8 am Mass today. I remember you all in prayer. I'm working on a talk/script for TV about relationships the 7th of 8. I begin my filming of the 8 episodes on Tuesday Dec. 13-15th. Playing golf with a benefactor today! First time in 6 weeks. Fore! 

Thanksgiving pictures below: Dinner and Mass. 
 IMG_0965 (002).jpegIMG_4362 (002).jpg

Promo for the second Sunday of Advent Dec. 4th: 

More information about my programs and EWTN: EWTN 

EWTN trip: My Flight home from Birmingham Monday Nov. 14th was delayed two hours, and flew into a rainstorm, but worth my visit. My mission at EWTN went great. I preached the Mass Sunday seen by tens of thousands. I had a book interview with COO Doug Keck (Picture below) and then met with programming managers. It is looking good for my program to air on Sundays starting in March! Once they give me a time, I'll let you know. Very significant visit. 

Here is a brief of the interview: 

   IMG_1798 (002).jpg

Here is the Mass I preached Sunday Nov. 13th at EWTN. You can FF to the homily if you wish:
 Here are some pictures I took Sunday morning. Was cold: in the 20's! Outside of chapel and inside. Not a large chapel, but broadcasts to the world! 
IMG_8041 (002).JPGIMG_8042 (002).JPGIMG_8044 (002).JPG

My 2023 Parish mission itinerary: MISSIONS

***New times on CFN on Long Island N.Y.: Sun. 7 am, Mon 7 am, Thurs. 6:30 am and Friday 7 am. 

Summer/Fall schedule: Itinerary

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   For the Bible: Email your Name, Address, & Phone # (in case there is an issue with your address. 
   Your information will not be shared.) to: (Vicki is a woman prayer warrior who is called to pray for your needs.) She will pray with any who want to pray over the phone: Simply email your phone number to her: very secure.

If you have prayer requests by email: 

Learn more about my ministry in this video:


Brochure about my ministry: Printable Trifold  

Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


Fr. Cedric Ministries
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