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CD Series 890 & Book Live Passionately!
CD Series 890 & Book Live Passionately!
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Live Passionately! This is Father Cedric's first book (214 pages) and displays much of theology about suffering and salvation. Discover the purpose and meaning of your sufferings. Understand and receive salvation in Jesus! Live Passionately! is filled with personal stories and humor. In readable style, Fr. Cedric breaks open the central truths of Christianity. Experience what so many are finding on his evangelistic missions in churches throughout the United States: a renewed relationship with God and new perspectives on life.

You Are Blessed! Series 890 - Ephesians tells us we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the Heavens. God’s nature is to bless. God blesses the just and unjust, the good and the bad. This series will open your heart to God’s blessings spiritually as well as materially. As we believe and are obedient we will see increase and abundance in our lives.

Topics in Series 890 include: Jesus the light of the world, You are anointed, Making sense out of suffering, Ongoing Conversion.