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Sunday: I am working on the first edit to my new book: Your Best Lent Ever! Coming along great. I have a few more days and I'll be finished with the first rewrite. I'm almost 6 weeks into this project. I am driving 1000 miles back to Houston starting early Monday morning. I will spend one night in Louisiana and should be home by noon Tuesday. 

I got up early and watched a wonderful 6:55 am Thursday Aug. 22nd Sunrise:
aug22.jpg   aug22a.jpg
Later Thursday morning...Rocket launch of a satellite at 9:06 am. Four minutes later...rumble sound on the beach. 
I am in New Smyrna Beach. (shark bite capital of the world...another chomp on Friday.) Sunny and hot today. Rains everyday. I continue writing. I have finished the initial writing of the book and I am now working on the very important first rewrite. This will continue for two weeks. Then I will send the manuscript off to my editor for further work. I really like this book: Your Best Lent Ever! Lots of great truths and inspiring stories. Expect Christmas publication if not before. 

Daystar: My live appearance on Daystar's Marcus and Joni show has been moved from Sept. 11th to Tuesday Oct. 15th. Be sure to tune in! 
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EWTN: My Series on the Holy Spirit (5 episodes) will air Aug. 26-30th 5:30 pm ET/ 2:30 pm PT. Rebroadcast at 2:30 am. This fall: Look for my 6 episode series on the meaning of suffering. More details later. 

I am working side by side (on the phone and computer) with my TV producer. My new series (debuting in Mid-September) I am calling "Born to Win." (Unlike Bruce's Born to Run...) I have a great story from Norman Vincent Peale you will love in one of the episodes about being born to win. The background and sound came out great! We are editing and getting ready for broadcast. 

New studio: In September I will be filming in a new studio. The world headquarters for the Catholic "That man is you..." is in Houston. I will be using their facilities for my next shoot Sept. 15/16th. They have three 4 K cameras (not too close please!) and an 84 inch 4K TV will be behind me. My producer and I are working on scenes to display as I speak. I have written the 8 episodes I will be filming then. So to be clear: I am finalizing series 700 (!) Born to Win and preparing for another shoot in September. Want to be on TV? Work, work, work!!! I'm living my dreams...and I want to inspire you and motivate you to live yours...Live with Passion! 

Hey, what are you reading? Thanks to all of you who have been buying my books. I am so touched by those who purchase one, two, five and even all of my books (all book special). Talk about an investment into your spiritual life! I am trying to motivate you towards God and inspiring you to be the best you can be! You can realize your potential. All things are possible with God...

Watched rocket launch Thursday Aug. 8th am...Atlas V rocket at 6:13 am (half hour late) but still spectacular during the "breath of dawn." 

I preached a mission appeal for the Passionists in Deltona, FL. July 20/21. The people of Our Lady of the Lakes Church couldn't have been nicer to me. I preached at all four Masses. I will return in Advent to preach a mission there. Dec. 1-4th. Here is the Mass from Sat. night. Fast Forward to get to my homily.  I found out that I misspoke about the unemployment rate in Haiti. I had googled it and thought I saw 80%. It is actually 18% with 60% underemployment. I apologize for any misinformation...

I preached a mission appeal for our missions in Haiti and India in Ormond Beach, FL July 13/14. I spoke at 4 Masses. The people couldn't have been more receptive. They were compassionate and generous. I met so many kind people, enthusiastic about our Passionist outreach. I was so encouraged. (St. Brendan's Church on the beach.) The pastor has invited me to preach a mission there in January 2021. 

This is the Limpias crucifix in our retreat center chapels. What is different about these crucifixes are that Jesus' side has not been pierced. His eyes are still open because he is still alive and suffering. His sufferings are caught in time and eternity so that we can lay our burdens and guilt down at the foot of his cross. On Fridays especially we remember Jesus' sufferings for us. May his Passion be always in our hearts!


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My precious "Pen Pals" write those who are incarcerated to encourage and inspire them. It is Jesus who is our inspiration: "I was in prison and you visited me" (Mt. 25:37). If you would like to participate in this wonderful writing ministry: Email Nancy Firmin at:



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