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Respect Life

Fr. Cedric Ministries is staunchly Pro-Life! We advocate the protection of the unborn and the rights of every person conceived in their mother’s womb.

We advocate and encourage everyone to foster an attitude consistent with the Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities put forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

"The first right of a human being is his life.
We proclaim that human life is a precious gift from God; that each person who receives this gift has responsibilities toward God, self and others; and that society, through its laws and social institutions, must protect and nurture human life at every stage of its existence."
Respect life issues touch us all as they are entwined throughout our lives from conception through natural death and include, but are not limited to, contraception, natural family planning, abortion, stem cell research, artificial reproduction, cloning, infanticide, the death penalty, end of life issues, euthanasia, and physician assisted suicide.  These encounters necessitate the proper development of life guiding principles for forming opinions, dealing with issues and leading our families. We are obliged as Christians to educate our consciences with regard to the issues and to prayerfully assess each situation to ensure that we make informed choices.
The first step is education and to pray for the unborn. Fr. Cedric will be taking more dramatic steps towards Pro Life in the future. If you have any comments or if you want to help with this endeavor, please email him at: frcedric@frcedric.org
May God bless and keep you and guide us as we move our families and our society towards a culture of Life.

Please visit: www.priestsforlife.org  

For additional information, please visit the USCCB website:



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