A Passionist Mission for your parish: Contact me to see what dates are available. 

Fr. Cedric preaches retreats and missions throughout the United States and Canada, ministering out of the Passionist retreat complex in Houston, Texas (Holy Name Retreat Community). He has preached more than 500 missions over the past 30 years.

Fr. Cedric Ministries is an expression of the “New Evangelization” called for by Pope John Paul II. Our late Holy Father wrote:
“We need a new evangelization; new in ardor, its methods, its expression.”

Fr. Cedric preaches retreats and missions to help people come to know Jesus in a personal way; and to make known the imperishable riches of the Holy Spirit. The salvation and new life that comes from the Cross of Jesus is a major part of his proclamation.

Expect great things!

Fr. Cedric will touch hearts through story, humor and personal experiences.

A Testimony from Mary in Michigan: Fr. Cedric Pisegna’s preaching touched me over 16 years ago at a parish mission and my life has never been the same! His gentle nature and humor put me at ease. My heart was opened and, wow, did God ever speak to me through that mission! Fr. Cedric preached with such dynamism that I will never forget how he made me feel—on top of the world! I left that mission inspired to reach out and make a difference with my own life. He helped me to recognize my potential and to live with passion!  Within a week of meeting Fr. Cedric, this once stay-at-home mom applied for a position as Director of Religious Education, and was hired! This is my 17th year in that role. Fr. Cedric has helped me in countless ways to become a better person and lay minister in our Church. I will be forever grateful!

What will you experience?

  • An orthodox mission that will invigorate you
  • Biblically-centered themes
  • Optional "Youth Night" emphasis
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Fr. Cedric preaching at all weekend Masses
  • Evening services Monday-Wednesday
  • Morning Eucharist Monday-Wednesday
  • All homilies/sermons different each session
  • Books, DVD’s and CD's available
 Attendance is FREE! – We welcome all denominations!

  • Cost: Please pay for my travel and lodging. Allow me to sell my resources.
  • Collection/offering taken on the final day for the Passionist Community

Please Note:
Evening Talks

 Learn the secret to fruitfulness
 God's mercy, our forgiveness
The Holy Spirit:
 The Source of Passion

Morning Talks

 Gain perspective on your pain
The Scriptures:
 Discover a treasure
 Grow in Intimacy with God

Would You Like to Request a Mission?

(All talks subject to change)

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Fr. Cedric’s missions are well-attended events, and his retreat experience is:

Refreshing! Relevant!
Passionate! Inspiring!




Fr. Cedric Ministries
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