Monday April 15th: Welcome EWTN/TBN/inspire/Daystar viewers! Four Networks/One Mission: Touching Lives/Saving Souls! Thank you so much for your generous support! Donation  

Monday: A Blessed and Grace-filled Easter season to you! I say Season because in the Catholic Church Easter wasn't simply one day. The celebration of Jesus' resurrection is a fifty days season! Forty days of fasting has become fifty days of feasting! Easter

I'm at our residence in Houston. I am signing books and catching up on emails from Sunday's great response to my resources about prayer. I will meet with my TV producer at 1 pm and work out later.  I hope you were inspired by my episode about prayer. I have many resources including my book: The Sacred Quest. This book and my booklet "The Gift of Prayer." will help you to connect with and abide in Jesus.  

Sunday April 21st: Preview from my New Series 980-6: This episode is "The Core of Christianity" Episode Airing April 21st on all networks and many Catholic stations as well as radio and social media. Watch also on my YouTube/FB and my website. 

There were clouds Monday April 8th, but they broke on and off and we saw quite a show. (Horseshoe Bay, TX.) Best part was the darkness for four minutes. Wow. Here are some pictures: 
IMG_5434 (002).jpgIMG_9630 (002).JPG 

What is Easter all about? The core of Christianity is this: Our "final enemy" (as the Bible calls it) Death, had been overcome and defeated. That black hole, nothingness, oblivion, had been defeated. Light and Life have won. The darkness has not grasped it. We are the recipients of a new quality of life, God's life, that will last forever. Simply believe and received what God has done for us all: Raised Jesus for his vindication and our justification. Come Holy Spirit! Blessed Season of Easter to you! Fr. Cedric 

My book about Easter: Rise! will touch you and help you to received resurrection life even now! 

Brand New: Even though it's Easter. We still remember the Passion that led to Jesus' resurrection. "Stations/Way of the Cross" You can read/print it out here. Short form and Long form: Short and Long forms.  

Front Cover  - Booklet Stations of the Cross-2024.jpg     Short-version-FRONT-Cover.jpg

EWTN viewers: Welcome! My programs air at 9:30 am ET each Sunday. I also air on TBN (7 am ET) and Daystar (1 pm ET) each Sunday. 

Live with Passion! now airs in Houston on Comcast 17, AT&T Uverse 99, Sudden Link 99, and Phonoscope 96:     Prime time: 8 pm on Sundays. 

Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 



Fr. Cedric Ministries
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