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DVD Series 650 & Book Glorious Holy Spirit
DVD Series 650 & Book Glorious Holy Spirit
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About Series 650 "What Really Matters" - Jesus told us to be rich in what matters to God. (Lk.12:21) What really matters? It is important to ready yourself for the Last Judgment. Living a life of significance and personal change matters. Communicating with God and growing in a personal relationship with God is crucial. Being a person of hope who bears fruit through making life giving decisions is essential. Believing in the cross and trusting in Jesus matters. In this important series Fr. Cedric will motivate you to focus on what is really important in life. These episodes will help you not only to understand what matters to God but to actually do God’s will in your everyday life. 

So many are hungering and searching for more. This book is inspiring, intriguing, informative and most of all designed and written to give you an experience of God's Glorious Holy Spirit. Discover who the Holy Spirit is. Learn about God's Glory. Find out who you are by knowing whose you are. Quit living by your own grit. Know the thrill of living by grace. Get a glimpse of glory today! Our hearts are restless until they rest in God...