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Our era has been misnamed the ‘atomic age;’ it is rather the ‘television age.’ Television influences human brains a thousand times more than the fission of the fusion of atoms. Television is the newborn babe of the fourth dimension of space-time. Newton knocked the boundaries out of space; Einstein knocked the boundaries out of time, but television has annihilated space and time.  ~Archbishop Fulton Sheen

        Fr. Cedric Ministries:
Touching Lives/Saving Souls!

Thank you for visiting the donation page! Fr. Cedric's preaching is sensible, dynamic, and engaging. Your donation is very much appreciated!  

 • I watch your programs and through your teaching have overcome an addiction to sleeping pills! (Minnesota)   

 • You have broken down denominational walls! You are the most beautiful voice in the Church. (Florida) 

 • Dear Father Cedric. You changed my life in the church.  You were in Venice for a mission.  I went reluctantly.  I did not expect the dynamic presentation that touched my mind, my heart and my future.  I have read many of your books.  You talk in your books.  It is not a lecture, you are real. 

 • Your programs were the first step for me to start knowing God and to establish a personal relationship with Jesus. You have opened my eyes and my heart! (Illinois)

 • Because of your programs I went to confession for the first time in 35 years. (Georgia)

 • I have come back to Church because of you. (Ohio)

 • I read your book and prayer and received the Holy Spirit who rushed into me. I am now renewed, calm and focused. (Florida)  

 • God is using you as his mouthpiece. I have never heard a teacher like you and I've listened to plenty (From England) 

 • I told a friend of mine about your programs. He watched and has come back to Church and is participating, helping the poor. He wants to "Live with Passion!" (New York) 

 • I want to become a monthly partner. Your programs personify the love of Jesus. It is like having a conversation with you in my home. (New Jersey) 
When you donate, (Partnership or One-time) you are investing in the lives of many others (including those in prison). I have developed an extensive prison outreach program. We write the incarcerated and send them Bibles and books. Thank you for supporting this outreach. My goal is to inspire believers, but especially reach out to those who are lost and don’t know God. Every donation will help me to “Touch Lives and Save Souls!” Thank you so very much. Printable Trifold

Sincerely ~ Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P. (713) 464-4932
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Simply call Steve at (713) 464-4932 and we will help you. 
Thank you in advance for donating to and/or purchasing from Fr. Cedric Ministries. Please know our Ministry relies on your generosity, and your charitable gifts and purchases of resource materials help sustain the present and future activities of Fr. Cedric Ministries. These activities of Fr. Cedric Ministries include, but are not limited to:
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  • Costs associated with day-to-day operations;
  • Donations to Pro-Life activities; and
  • Charitable donations made to prison outreach
  • Support for young adults in Haiti 
It is through donors, like you, that Fr. Cedric Ministries will continue to reach out to people of all faiths and to those who have not yet come to faith in Jesus.

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