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If you are a thinking about a vocation, I'd like to send you my book "Live Passionately!" free of charge. Just email me, give me your address and request it: frcedric@frcedric.org

See video clip about the Passionists: The Passionist in a minute

For information about the Passionists and vocations: https://passionist.org/vocations/about-vocations/

My program about St. Paul of the Cross and the Passionists: Hunterofsouls

The Passionists (C.P. Congregation of the Passion) are a religious community of priests, brothers, sisters and nuns in the Roman Catholic tradition. We also are comprised of many lay partners (a type of third order) as well as laity who advise and minister with us. See our website at: www.passionist.org See our sister's blog at: PassionistNuns

The Passionists were founded in 1741 by Paul Daneo, subsequently canonized St. Paul of the Cross. We were founded in Italy and presently we are in 59 countries in the world. The Passionists came to the United States over 150 years ago.

A Passionist professes vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. But, the unique vow of any Passionist is his or her first vow. We vow to meditate on the Passion of Jesus and to proclaim the meaning of his passion to all. We wear a sign on our habit that proclaims our vow, "The Passion of Jesus Christ." A common saying among Passionists is, "May the Passion of Jesus Christ be ever in our hearts."

Our charism (gift from God to the church) is to contemplate Christ crucified and to evangelize. Thus we are a balanced contemplative/apostolic community. We minister in many various ways. We have retreat centers sprinkled all over the United States. Fr. Cedric lives at the Houston retreat complex. Holy Name retreat community is also the house of formation for the Western province of the Passionists. There are 11 of us living here.

We now have two students who moved into residency with us in Houston July 2014: Randy and Sam. Pray for them to discern their call to the Passionists. If all goes well, they will enter novitiate in the summer of 2015.

In addition to the retreat centers we minister at, some Passionists preach parish missions. (Fr. Cedric's Ministry) Also, we have some parishes that we staff as well as minister to people in hospitals and prisons. Our seminary, which was founded in response to Vatican II by the Passionists, Franciscans, and Servites is the Catholic Theological Union at Chicago www.ctu.edu It is the largest theological school of studies in the U.S. Some Passionists teach and minister at C.T.U. also. We presently have three students studying there.

There are many types of vocations. Some are called to marriage. Others are invited to live single for Jesus. Still others are called to serve as priests and religious. Have you been touched by God? Do you sense his whisper inviting you to more? Do you have a longing to make a difference in the lives of people? Are you searching for ultimate meaning in your life? Is God calling you? Do you want to follow Jesus in a radical way? You will never know until you make a move! I want you to dialogue with us. I invite you consider beginning a relationship with the Passionists. Our life is a life of community, ministry, joy and peace. We live as passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. You will discover a life of meaning and fulfill your destiny in a way you only dreamed about.

Vocation Prayer

God my Father,

Thank you that you have called me.

I surrender to your will for my life.

Fill me with your fierce Spirit.

Empower me with relentless passion. 
Use me to impact this generation! 
I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I invite you to check out our vocation page at www.passionist.org/vocations And you may email our vocation director, Fr. Chris Gibson: vocationdirector@passionist.org   There is no obligation. This only begins a conversation. The late Pope John Paul II began his pontificate with the words, "Be Not Afraid!" Fear is a destiny destroyer. With faith, all things are possible. I'll be praying for you. ~Fr. Cedric, C.P.

Enjoy this video about vocations. The African American Josh Johnson works in Television. I attended his ordination in Baton Rouge in May 2014. There were 1000 people present. He now ministers at a college in B.R. http://catholicmemes.com/video/probably-best-vocation-video-will-ever-see/ 

Enjoy this video clip about my community!

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