Ordinary Time 2021

Ordinary Time began Monday Jan. 11th and continues until Ash Wed. Feb. 17th. This Season will then continue after Pentecost (May 24 until Advent.)   

The dictionary defines the word ordinary as: usual, familiar, unexceptional, common and average. The fact that most of the liturgical year is ordinary doesn't mean that it is boring or bland time. Far from it! Rather, Ordinary Time comes from the word "ordered" time. This time is ordered in sequential (1-34) weeks, but also "our steps are ordered from the Lord." (Ps. 37:23) In other words, it is time in which God is active in our lives. We are a people who live, not on our own power or strength, but under God's initiative and providence. God "orders" our steps. We trust in his gracious and guiding hand. Watch how your life unfolds under God’s providential care. Learn to trust God as you pilgrimage through each day.  

Go Green: I like the fact that priests, bishops, and deacons wear green during this season. Green is the color of plants and trees and signifies growth and life. It is also the color of money signifying abundance and prosperity. We can hope for growth and blessings as we celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus during these days.

During Ordinary Time we focus on the life and teachings of Jesus. We seek to learn about Jesus and follow him ever more closely. We will watch the episodes of his life and listen to his sublime teachings. As disciples, we want to bear fruit in these ways: 1) Intimacy with God 2) Growth in character (holiness) 3) Improving our relationships 4) Bearing witness to many about the truth of the Gospel. 5) Realizing our potential and becoming all we can be.

Time is God’s gift to us. What we do with our time is our gift back to God. Don’t let time pass you by. Seize each day and live purposefully. Seek God while God may be found. Develop, grow, mature, become…be fruitful.


Who you are is God’s gift to you. Who you become is your gift to God! Don’t just live, live with Passion!




Fr. Cedric Ministries
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