Lent 2020: Feb. 26- April 9th

Lent is a 40 day season of grace in the Catholic Church. It is a time of purification, transformation and enlightenment from God.

  1. ·        Is there one main area in you and your behavior that needs to change? Concentrate on the one area.  
  2. ·              Is there one way you could begin to reach out to others? Focus on what you can do.  
  3. ·        Would you spend a little time each day with the daily readings? Prayer is crucial.

The emphasis of Lent is purification. We need to be purified from our selfishness (to selflessness) negativity (to being positive) vice (to virtue.) These purifications occur through our sufferings, everyday living and the exercise of self-control (fasting, almsgiving, and penances)

Personal Change is possible. There is no reason to and excuse for staying stuck in any area.

Lent is a season of Grace. Grace is God’s initiative and undeserved activity in our lives. God has mercy and forgives our sins. In addition, he bestows his presence upon us so we can be enlightened. Through prayer and reading, search for God and you can expect times of manifestations and abundance. Enlightenment also comes when God bestows the supernatural gifts of wisdom, understanding, knowledge and counsel. Expect good things from above.

Transformation occurs when our mind is renewed. A process of making us positive, creative and passionate is at work in us. Our emotions can become stable and we don’t have to be overwhelmed. Our wills merge with the will of God for our life.

While Lent is a preparation for Easter, it is a season of significance in and of itself. Look for purification, enlightenment and transformation. During this season, forgive and treat people right. Reach out and make a difference to someone. When you make things happen for others, God will make things happen for you. May you experience your best Lent ever!

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