Fr. Cedric Ministries: Touching Lives/Saving Souls!

Ready to be touched? Ready to be saved?
Ready to be baptized in the Holy Spirit?


EWTN: Nov. 21-15th 5:30 pm ET

Daystar TV
: Sundays 1 pm ET

TBN: Sundays at 7 am ET


 All Welcome  Often people of other denominations come and you are very welcome to attend: 
 You do not need to register and there is no cost to attend, simply come and bring a friend. I preach at all the English
 Masses on the weekend. Then Mon-Wed. 7 pm. (Some will have Mon-Wed. morning Masses at various times.) 


Upcoming missions: 1) Hamilton, N.J. in October 15-19 St. Raphael/Holy Angels Church: 2) Fort Worth in Advent Nov. 26-30: St. Andrew's.

Jan. Ormond Beach, FL. (St. Brendan's) Jan. 29-Feb. 2nd.  2023 Lent: 1st Week: Vero Beach (St. Helen's) and 2nd week: Tequesta FL. (St. Jude's) 

A Note about the Mission Schedule: Everyone of any denomination – Catholic or not – is welcome! I hope to see you (bring a friend) at one of these dynamic and inspirational missions! Free admission! My books, DVD's and CD's will be available at special Mission discounts. Hope to see you soon! Fr. Cedric, C.P.


Fr. Cedric Ministries
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