Ordinary Time 2022

Ordinary Time is the longest season in the Catholic Church. It began on Jan. 10th, continues until Ash Wednesday, March 2nd and then resumes again on Monday June 6th until Advent.

Ordinary time is “Ordered Time” sequentially. 1-34 weeks. Our times are in God’s hands. During Ordinary time we wear green, the color of life and prosperity. We focus on the life, teachings and mission of Jesus of Nazareth. We journey with him as disciples, abiding, learning and growing in him.

Ordinary time isn’t bland or boring time. We can reverence the ordinary. I love to take walks. Sometimes I don’t go far, but just getting outside and walking helps me to think and de-stress. I like to breathe the air and feel the Sunlight or the breeze. It’s amazing the inspiration I get by simply walking. Whether walking, eating, taking a shower or simply breathing, look for grace in the ordinary.

The readings, as we begin ordinary time, talk about fertility (Hannah) and healing (demoniac in the synagogue). These can be the theme of Ordinary time 2022. We can expect fecundity in our emptiness and desert. Fruitfulness will come if we stay strong in faith. In the midst of a world of disease and unrest we can believe for health and serenity during this season of Grace.

Our times are in God’s hands. Believe for increase and progression and well-being. Reverence the Ordinary, for God is in the every-day. 

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