Fr. Cedric's Prison Pen Pal Ministry

What We Do

Fr. Cedric Ministries receives many letters from inmates in prisons across the country, explaining how much they like Live with Passion! and what the show and the Gospel Message means in their lives. In response, FCM sends books or booklets to each inmate who writes. Included in the mailing is a letter telling them about Fr. Cedric's Prison Pen Pal Ministry. Once an inmate responds with interest in having a Pen Pal, a volunteer is assigned to that inmate.
It's Easy!

Communication begins when a volunteer is assigned to be a Pen Pal for an inmate. As a volunteer Pen Pal, you start the process with a letter of introduction to let the inmate know you will be a Pen Pal. The mail is picked up once or twice a week and mailed to you. We see this relationship as a spiritual friendship to those in prison. And if you feel you need help in getting started, one of our experienced writers will mentor you until you are comfortable.

Don't Worry!

In all communication with your Pen Pal, sign your first name only to ensure anonymity. And for the return address, always use:

Fr. Cedric’s Prison Pen Pal Ministry
PO Box 542
Walker, LA 70805-0542

Jesus' Call

Is Jesus calling you to reach out to someone in prison? What you do for them, you do for Jesus. Prayerfully consider becoming a Pen Pal and make a difference in someone’s life!

For more information about becoming a Pen Pal, email: -or-



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