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Sunday Sept. 25th: Welcome TBN/Daystar/EWTN viewers! Three Networks/One Mission: Touching Lives/Saving Souls! Thank you so much for your generous support! Donate  
jesus-2 (003).jpgSunday: I'm in Houston on a sunny warm morning. May you receive grace to live your vocation well. I pray God will lavish is favor upon you. May you know the freedom that grace brings! Grace and Peace to you... 

Here is the promo for my next Sunday's episode about grace: 

Sunday Oct 1st episode #3: "Grow Old Gracefully"
Sunday: I have my 8 scripts written about trusting God. Now I am reading through each, outlining them to speak, creating commercials and tightening them up. Now I am reviewing them and exercising my voice! I film Tues/Thurs. Sept. 27/29th. 75 men on retreat right now. I pray for all in Florida that the storm Ian will do minimal damage. Blessings on your Sunday! 

I had a zoom meeting with Pastor John Burke last Thursday Sept. 15th. (Two hours!) We had much to talk about. He is the author of "Imagine Heaven," a Scriptural compilation of Near Death Experiences. Love his book and I recommend it to all. He is writing a new book and will include my NDE in it. I'm hoping we can get on TBN and Daystar together and share about Near Death Experiences, their truth and meaning for all. Zoom picture below: 
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Friday Sept. 9th: I was in Downtown Denver for my talk Friday morning at the Catholic Medical Association Conference. (Sheraton Hotel downtown Denver.) Went great. I spoke right after Michael Warsaw, the CEO of EWTN spoke. I met him for the first time. He was very pleasant and we talked about the fact that we both come from Springfield, Mass. Small world! See pictures of his talk and gathering below. Some 650 people were present. I spoke on Media addiction (attraction, attachment, addiction.) Got a good reception after and sold many resources. Now I'm home in Houston catching up on things. I continue to work with my producer Brooks and edit episodes for my new series about grace. My brand new series on Grace premiers a week from tomorrow. It is sunny and warm in Houston. Far cry from the 60's of Denver. That cool temperature was refreshing. Downtown Denver was an interesting place, filled with people and restaurants. Marijuana is legal there and the smell of pot wafts through the streets of downtown. Unfortunately many homeless in Denver. You can see them everywhere. Here is Michael Warsaw being interviewed after his talk and the crowd: I spoke 10 minutes after this:  
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Monday Aug. 22nd, I met with EWTN execs (Catholic Network) and I will have a book interview for Bookmark and most importantly my own Sunday time slot on EWTN! (Starting in Lent and continuing for 6 months...) Not a done deal, but more information on this later as it develops. Thank you for your prayers. I will preach their Mass again on Sunday November 13th live. 

The Sunday Mass Aug. 21st and you can see my homily below: 
Sunday Homily EWTN:

***Air time changes for CFN on Long Island N.Y.: Sun. 7 am, Mon 7 am, Thurs. 6:30 am and Friday 7 am. 

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