Easter: A Season of New Life

I heard about Jason, a mentally challenged 3rd grader. His teacher gave the class colored Easter eggs and told them to bring them back expressing what Easter meant to them. The day after Easter each in the class brought in their eggs. One by one they began to open them. Sally’s red egg contained the picture of a butterfly the symbol of new life. Mary’s blue egg had a rainbow in it, the symbol of God’s promises fulfilled. Juan’s purple egg contained confetti the symbol of celebration.

When they finally came to Jason’s yellow egg, he opened it and the teacher winced. The egg was contained nothing! The teacher said, “Did you forget about the assignment?” “No,” Jason replied, “my egg is empty because there was an empty tomb! Jesus was not in there. My empty egg is the symbol of Easter!”


Many today are feeling empty because of the Pandemic. Scores are unemployed, domestic violence has increased and addictions are epidemic. Many haven’t gone to Church or confession in a long time. People feel empty and are searching for something more.

Christianity proclaims that your emptiness can be the catalyst for more. Emptiness, hunger and thirst for meaning, desolation, can be the place exactly where God lifts you up. You don’t have to stay stuck. Resurrection is for the hereafter but also for the here and now. You can be lifted up in your emotions, your thoughts, your attitudes, your body and most of all in your Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, thrilling new life can pulsate through your entire being.

The Easter message is for all of us, right now.

The Scriptures also tell us the large heavy stone in front of the tomb was rolled away. All too often we are faced with a heavy stone that seemingly won’t move. The stone keeps us stuck. Some stones take the form of sadness and despair, if not depression. At times these feelings seem chronic. The mountain of fear and panic can paralyze our life and make us feel less than. Because we are afraid we don’t take the initiative, dare and fulfill our destiny. The rock of grieving is very weighty and can pull us down. The weight of worry and anxiety about the future can make us life with distress. The boulder of addictions and bad habits can make us succumb and feel defeated. The rock of weakness can make us feel overwhelmed by people, noise and the little things that get to us. We need strength. We need power.

We can’t roll these heavy stones away, but God can!

In the Catholic Church we celebrate not one day of Easter, but 50 days! Easter concludes on Sunday May 23rd with the dawn of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. We have time to experience the power the raised Jesus from the dead.

The Holy Spirit is already at work during the Easter season. During these 50 days we are given time to allow the Spirit to enter into our life more fully. Our emptiness can be transformed into fullness. The Spirit is also at work moving the heavy obstacles in our life that we cannot move, try as we may.

Easter is a time when we proactively reflect on the Word of God, give time to prayer and celebrate the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. We believe with all of our heart that Jesus is Risen! We know we will be raised on the Last Day with everyone else. But even now, refreshing new life can occur. The dry places in our heart can experience a surge of living water. Desolation can suddenly turn into vivifying consolation. Rocks can roll. Emotions will change. New Seasons are coming.

Easter is my favorite season in the Liturgical year. It coincides with Spring and nature’s budding forth with new life. Everywhere birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the seeds are sprouting. The sounds, sights and smells of life are in the air.

During this gracious season, make time to read the daily readings. Simply believe. Push yourself to celebrate. Be filled with Christianity’s living Hope and expect God’s working in your life during this Season of resurrection! God is full of surprises and unlimited in power. Expect God to fill you and lift you up in this Easter Season as only God can. Do you feel the vibrations? The stone is moving…

Blessed Easter Season 2021. Jesus is Risen, Alleluia! with God. 

Based on Fr. Cedric's book: Rise! Living the Risen Life available at the bookstore. Or call (713) 464-4932. 




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