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Wednesday March 20th: Welcome EWTN viewers! I have a weekly program on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) each Sunday at 7 am ET. Tune in on TBN or watch on the first page of my website (see video) at any time. My toll free phone: 844-FATHERC (844-328-4372) View More programs: Watch my You Tube Channel

On TV: My episode "Lent, a season of Grace: Week 2" from series 610 Book: Year "C" 2019. The Sacred Quest  Resources TBN: 7 am ET/4 am PT.  My new book: The Sacred Quest a must read for Lent! Free booklet on prayer HERE

My meditations about Lent here: LENT   

Great News: The Catholic EWTN is airing my TV mission of Lent! Each Sat/Sunday of Lent. Confirmed times: Sat. 11:30 pm ET and Sundays at 2:30 pm ET. This series will also air on TBN in Lent. (I am giving EWTN a series on the 12 steps and another on the Holy Spirit for later this year.) 

Also on EWTN Radio and affiliates: Sundays at 4:30 pm ET. 

Moving to the KUBE: Houston viewers only: I will be switching from Channel 39 to the KUBE 57 Sundays mornings at 8:30 am starting April 7th. Better positioning and less expensive! Take note.

Wednesday: I am in Port Charlotte, FL. at St. Charles Borromeo Church. I preached five Masses this weekend. Three were large crowds, two were small. See pictures below. Now: Wed. 8:30 am Mass and 7 pm Holy Spirit Mass. We had 200 for Mass Monday and Tuesday, some 450 at night. Today the first day of Spring! The meaning of Lent: New life and change...Blessings to all. Been raining, should be clearing today.  

Mission: First week of Lent: Wonderful mission in Metairie, LA. So many stories! What great people. I will never forget all the people I met. Wow. Pics from Wed. night's Mass of the Holy Spirit. Some 550 in attendance. God breathed on us...

Ladies from Gretna, LA. 

Crowds Monday night:

Good news: My programs will debut airing on the world-wide Military Channel: Armed Forces Network in May. I rejoice to reach out to our troops serving our country...More information later... 

I have written many new talks a few weeks ago. I created one on "unmasking Satan". One of his ploys? Upsetting us by noise. Noise is more than sound, by the way...he works through people too. Remember Jesus to Peter: Get behind me Satan. Satan also entered Judas...who are the people in your life evil works through to get to you? (Watch out when you preach about Satan. My credit card was just hacked...another example...) 

I was in Metairie, LA. the first week of Lent, then Port Charlotte, FL, then on to Ft. Myers, FL. then on to New Smyrna Beach to write more episodes for TV in April, finally back home May 2! The life of a missionary. My SUV (Escape) has over 103,000 miles on it.

Feb. 6/7: I filmed 8 new episodes of Live with Passion. The anointing was very strong and you will love these 8 brand new programs. They will air after Easter. Here is my new set below. 4 different colors: Red/Blue/Purple and Green backgrounds. My view of the behind the scenes (26 minute timer for the bulk of the program) My producer Dan in the middle/left. 

My producer Dan Rubottom and I: 

In January/February, I wrote all 8 scripts for my TV shoot Feb. 6/7 in Houston. This will be series 620: God is good all the time! Episode titles: 1) Stressed or stretched? 2) Created to be Related. 3) A new way to live. 4) Success or Significance? 5) Free at Last! 6) Abundant life. 7) Inner Healing. 8) The look of love...these programs will debut on TBN Sunday April 28th, the week after Easter. The filming went great. 
January Publication!: The Sacred Quest 230 page book about Prayer and DVD/CD of series about addictions/recovery now available. Only $25 as a combo pack. See bookstore Or, Simply print out order form and mail in: PRAYER

***Free: Live Passionately book download for free. (put cursor on there) 

My new book about prayer (230 pages) The Sacred Quest is now available HERE

Fr. Cedric's former book editor: "Father's books are easy to read, but not an easy read!" 

My booklet about prayer here: PRAYER

TBN has a nice app you can download onto your iPhone. You can watch all of their channels for free live. Simply go to your app store and download TBN. Go to: mobile.frcedric.org to watch my programs or listen to my podcasts on your mobile device/iPhone. No app, you must Google or put in mobile.frcedric.org. Enjoy!

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My precious "Pen Pals" write those who are incarcerated to encourage and inspire them. It is Jesus who is our inspiration: "I was in prison and you visited me" (Mt. 25:37). If you would like to participate in this wonderful writing ministry: Email Nancy Firmin at: nancy@frcedric.org



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