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Where to Watch 

 Airing Nationally

 Network Day Time
 TBN Live with Passion!

 7:00 AM ET
 4:00 AM PT

 Channels: 260 (Dish), 372 (DirecTV), 560 (ATT)
  Or check your local cable listing for TBN

   Various series coming this Fall...Oct. 20th 6:30 pm ET  Nov. 12-16  5:30 pm ET

 Channels: 261 (Dish), 370 (DirecTV), 562 (ATT)
  Or check your local cable listing for EWTN

EWTN Notes: Look for Fr. Cedric's 5-episode
 Series on Prayer: November 12-16th 5:30 pm ET. 

Oct. 20th: Hunter of Souls 6:30 pm ET. St. Paul of the Cross Docu-Drama Oct. 20th 10 pm ET. 

Stay tuned for his 4-episode Series on the
12-step Program; airing in early 2019.  Also: Lenten TV mission in Lent 2019. 


TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)  (www.tbn.org)
Sundays 7 am ET, 4 am PT. Check your local listings for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, or watch on their website. (Houston chan. 14)
(Dish 260, Direct 372, ATT 560)

+1 Boston
:  24 hour Catholic Television. (Also on Sky Angel TV channel 142)  Fr. Cedric’s program “Live with Passion!”  
Times:  Mondays 10 pm; Fridays Noon  Available nationally through www.catholictv.org Go to their website and click on “Watch live.”

+2 New York City: Net TV: Channel 97 New York City, 30 in Brooklyn. Mon-Fri 8:30 am Sat/Sun 6:30 am. Watch live by going to their website www.netny.net and click on red “watch now” on right hand side (top).

+3 New York: (Long Island) Catholic Faith Network: Channel 29/73 Sundays 3:30 pm; Mondays 8:30 pm and Wed. 2 pm Watch live www.cfntv.org   

+4 Detroit: Sun. 5 pm; Mon 1 pm; 10 pm Tues. 4 am, Thurs. 2 pm,  Also available on their website: Live  www.aodonline.org

5 San Antonio, TX.: Channel 15: Tues. 5:30 pm; Wed. 10 am; Fri. 9 pm www.ctsa.tv

6 Baton Rouge, LA.: Channel 15: Sun. 9:30 pm, Mon. 9:30 am, Tues. 5 pm, Wed. 1:30 pm; Thurs. 6 am, Sat. 10 am www.catholiclifetv.org

7 Scranton, PA: Channel 12: Tuesday 10:00 am, Thursday 9:30 pm, Friday 11:30 am

8 Youngstown, OH: Channel 13: Thurs. 11 am+ 8:30 pm Wed. 10 pm www.doy.org/ctny

9 Fresno/Bakersfield CA.: Channel 49: Mondays 7 pm, Fridays 9 am www.knxt.tv

10 Atlanta, GA. : Channel 295 www.aibtv.com Mon 1:30 pm Wed. 6 pm

11 Houston, TX.: KETH 14 (TBN affiliate) Sundays 6 am and CW-39 Sundays at 10 am

12 Orlando: Channel 19/45: Sundays at 3:30 pm www.cctn.org

13 Los Angeles: KDOC 56 Sundays 8:30 am 

14 New Orleans, LA. WLAE Sundays 2:30 am and 10:30 am; Mon. 9 pm; Fridays 9 pm  www.wlae.org

15 Louisville KY.:  Sundays 9:00 pm, Mondays 10 am, Thursdays 7:30 pm, Fridays 10 pm www.channel19tv.com  

16 Houma Thibodaux: Mon. 9 am; Wed. 9:30 am, Channels 10/71

17 Clarksville, TN: Sunday 8:30 am; 7 pm; Wed. 9 am

Where to Listen: 


The radio stations and websites listed below air or live stream Fr. Cedric's radio show at the local times listed. To listen to Live with Passion!, make sure you "tune in" at the correct time in your area! Click the links to be re-directed to that site.

 Location Station/Website Day Time
 Radio Maria www.radiomaria.us Thursday   11:00 AM ET
 Southern New Jersey www.liftfm.com Sunday   8:00 AM ET
 Baton Rouge, LA www.brcatholicradio.com Sunday   6:00 PM CT
 Scranton, PA www.jmj750.com Thursday   1:00 PM ET
 Melbourne, FL www.divinemercyradio.com Monday 10:30 AM ET
 Portland, OR


   8:30 AM PT
   7:30 PM PT
   7:30 AM PT
 Columbus, OH St. Gabriel's radio Saturday 10:00 AM ET
 Canton, OH WILB - Living Bread Radio Sunday 10:00 AM ET
 Mobile, AL
 WNGL 1410AM
 Mon-Fri 10:00 PM ET









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