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IMG_5170 (002).jpgWednesday March 3rd: Welcome EWTN/TBN/Daystar viewers! View More episodes: Watch my YouTube Channel youtube.png

On TBN/Daystar: Series 815 Your Best Lent Ever! Book: Your Best Lent Ever *New Partners receive a Picture Bible!  Please consider supporting our outreach by your donation.  All of your monies given will be used to produce and air Live with Passion! I see every donation that comes in and will respond to you. 

 Today our students from Chicago (3 and 2 priests) are with us for two weeks. Our deacon will be ordained a priest this Sunday and they are here to visit. Chilly, sunny, gorgeous day.  I will be interviewed at 9:20 am ET live via skype for Catholic Faith Network television on Long Island. Here is the link to watch live:   

Hope you enjoyed the episode about the Transfiguration of Jesus. Watch on my website if you missed it. I filmed that four weeks ago. *** The broadcast from Daystar was pre-empted last Sunday because of their telethon. I'll be back on next week with a new episode of Live with Passion! 

Below is my interview with EWTN's Doug Keck who is the COO of the network. This is about my book: There is a Solution about addictions/recovery and will air the week of March 7th on EWTN's Bookmark program. (10 am ET) and Monday at 5 pm ET, Enjoy and be inspired! 

We thank you Lord, for power, water and heat. That was a tough week for Texas...
I Took this picture Friday Feb. 19th
IMG_5951 (002).jpgOur retreat center inner courtyard fountain...I took this photo on Friday. Never seen this in my 20 years here. 

Here are some pictures I took Monday morning. Single digit temps...Below zero wind chills Monday. Stores/gas closed. Now opening again.  
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All four interviews went great last Monday Feb. 8th at EWTN Catholic (Eternal Word Television Network) in Birmingham. 
Pictures: EWTN Studios, Satellite antennas in the back, Radio spots, Bookmark interview with COO Doug Keck about my new book, Jim and Joy interviews.

Here below, is a Bookmark brief after our book interview: Also, my two interviews with "At Home with Jim and Joy," which aired on EWTN.  
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Tues/Thursday (Jan. 26-28) I filmed 9 new episodes for the season of Lent. The filming went wonderfully. There was a strong anointing on me to share the Gospel in each episode. My producers and I are working on the edits. They look great! Look for the brand new episodes to air starting Sunday Feb. 21st. and then each Sunday after for the 6 weeks of Lent. 

Here are a few pictures from Thursday Jan. 28th shoot: 
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Watch this video I  produced:

Daystar: Ministry Now Interview with Marcus and Joni: Wednesday March 17th Noon (Live) and 9 pm ET.  I will be interviewed and will preach live. 

Here is my booklet about salvation in Christ: Salvation Booklet (Vicki is a woman prayer warrior who is called to pray for your needs. She will pray with any who want if you email her, or if you want to talk: email your phone number: very secure. 

Learn about my ministry in this video:


Brochure about my ministry: Printable Trifold  

Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


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