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I'm at our residence in Houston. Sun trying to break through. Chilly. We have finalized the book on Lent and expect Jan. 9th delivery date. I will be sending out a letter about this. Available on my site then. Working on new episodes for my new TV series. Some meetings today and working out later. 

It's official! The executives at EWTN have approved my new series "The Hour of the Crucified" for air. Debut Advent 2020.! (Every first Friday of the month.) I will be airing a Lenten mission and other series before these programs will air! 

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The mission at Our Lady of the Lakes Dec. 1-4th was outstanding. What a conclusion to my Fall season of missions! Wed. night Mass amazing! The Spirit was moving. I met people from all over Florida. I was so touched by the enthusiasm, joy and hunger for God in the folks there. A blessed Advent and Christmas to them all...You can watch all of the mission talks at:

This is Bill and Sandy Crawford who used to travel with me and sell my books. Haven't seen them in a while! They drove up from Melbourne to help me with book sales...
image1 (007).jpeg

Pictures of Friday Nov. 29th and Wed. Nov. 27th sunrise. Gorgeous day!
friday29.jpgIMG_4695 (002).jpg
Cover to my new book! Your Best Lent Ever! Should be published Jan 1st and available for sale. Over 200 pages of life-changing inspiration. LENT 

What a wonderful mission! (Nov. 16-20: Solon, Ohio) St. Rita's is composed of a community of people who are serious about their faith and committed towards being involved and giving to people. Their motto is: People helping People.  I so enjoyed meeting them all. We were all filled with the Holy Spirit and peace Wed. night. I'll never forget these folks. Blessings as you celebrate your 90th anniversary as a parish!! 
Some talks were recorded and I'll try to post links once I receive them. Here are some pictures of the lovely church of St. Rita. Main sanctuary and baptismal font. (sorry no shots of people...) My book table on right. 
rita.jpgbaptismal font.jpg
Snow on the ground and flight home: Lake Erie in a distance. 2 and 1/2 hour flight to Houston. 

My Thursday Nov. 7th homily on EWTN in case you missed it: 

I preached the Mass at EWTN Thursday Nov. 7th. The Mass went great. Large group there from Pensacola, FL. on pilgrimage. Two of my Passionist priests came to support me and con-celebrate the Mass. See pics below. 
I met with Doug Keck and John Elson afterwards. I hope to be a guest of Doug's on his show "Bookmark" after the new year. I will talk about my new book about Lent. Then, I proposed to them my creating a new show called "The Hour of the Crucified." It would air every First Friday of the month. They seemed agreeable and I have submitted my proposal. I'm waiting on their reply.  If accepted, I will have a monthly (at least) program on EWTN! Please pray for this to become a reality. I'm excited about the prospects... 

Pics: LtoR: Fr. Joseph, Fr. Phil, Fr. Cedric, Fr. Nelson. People gathering before the Mass: 
Meetings with Chief Operating Officer Doug Keck and John Elson were fruitful also. 
Doug Center:
Here are some pictures from my flight to Alabama: Downtown Bham, Sunset from my hotel. 
IMG_4645 (002).jpgIMG_4646 (002).jpg

I've finalized my new book about Lent...working with my producers on formatting it. Also, writing another book: This one about addictions/recovery. Never a dull moment. I'm also working with my TV producer on my next series: Born to Win! Will air after the new year. 

I started writing my 24th book: There is a Solution, based on the 12 Steps and recovery. Coming along great. I'm writing about root causes for addictions and addictive personalities. I'm being given lots of inspiring ideas. 

I was interviewed and preached on Daystar's Marcus and Joni show Tuesday October 15th. Here is the episode if you missed it. You can fast forward to the final 1/2 hour where I am featured.

After the filming I had lunch with Marcus, Joni and their wonderful family. They treated me like royalty. It was a joy to get to know them. Marcus took me into his office and spent an hour with me talking about golf and life. Here are some pictures  (band and Houston skyline in the background): 

IMG_4598 (002).jpg191015_Pisegna_MJ_23 (002).jpg
191015_Pisegna_MJ_30 (002).jpg191015_Pisegna_MJ_31 (002).jpg
Mission: Oct. 5-9: East Islip Long Island at St. Mary Church. I preached 6 Masses last weekend. Great crowds. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday went great am and pm! Scores of people surrendering their lives to Jesus Tuesday night. I'm so glad! I met people from downtown NY and as far away as Massachusetts and Southern New Jersey. Touched me to meet everyone. Some pictures below. 

IMG_4426 (002).jpgaud.JPG
I filmed a new series at a new studio in Houston back in September. We are working on the edits to this important series now: 
Filming with three 4K cameras Sunday/Monday 9 am to 4 pm each day. 9 new episodes that will be broadcast after the new year. (New series: #700 Born to win!)  My next new series: What really matters (#650) is airing on TBN and Daystar and other stations. Here is the studio: 

Fr Cedric Red Set.jpgsept16.jpg

This is the Limpias crucifix in our retreat center chapels. What is different about these crucifixes are that Jesus' side has not been pierced. His eyes are still open because he is still alive and suffering. His sufferings are caught in time and eternity so that we can lay our burdens and guilt down at the foot of his cross. On Fridays especially we remember Jesus' sufferings for us. May his Passion be always in our hearts!


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