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blogpic.jpgSunday May 31st: Welcome TBN, Daystar and EWTN viewers! View More programs: Watch my YouTube Channel youtube.png

Sunday: I'm here in Houston presiding at a Pentecost Mass this morning. In the midst of the pandemic and now social unrest/violence over George Floyd's murder, I pray the Spirit of Unity that is the Holy Spirit will bring peace. Please pray with me for peace in our country and world. Come Holy Spirit! A blessed Pentecost to you all. See free Pentecost booklets a little below: 

I'm writing scripts (7 finished: 1 more to go: (Love) I have plenty of time to write and love solitude. We have our first retreat in progress at our center! Good to see folks back. Some 30 people are on retreat. Working out later as always. Will be live on TV on Monday June 15th (via skype) at 10 am ET. The other guest will be Pat Boone. Possible appearance on the 700 Club coming up hopefully. 

Blessed Pentecost: Come Holy Spirit! Read my Pentecost letter here: SPIRIT

Free booklets about the Holy Spirit:
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I will film the 8 episodes June 10/11th in Houston. Thursday began the novena of Pentecost, the church's oldest novena: Come Holy Spirit! Here is my Ascension Sunday episode: 

The short Teaser for my Pentecost Sunday episode: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Note: EWTN will air my series The Meaning of Suffering (675) June 8-13th at 5:30 pm ET. 

I appeared on "Ministry Now" with Marcus and Joni Lamb (Daystar TV) on Tuesday May 12th. In case you missed it, here is the program: FF to 52 minutes: Mine was a short interview at the very end: (sorry you will have to put your name and password in: Easy to do)

Here are a few pictures: I was on the "Green Room" show with Jonathan and Suzy Lamb also: 

Some pictures from our golf game on Monday. Perfect weather that day. Rainy here today. I met many people and had a great time. Now back to my mail/emails and working on my book, as well as living community life. Traffic seems to be picking up. Many in Dallas not even wearing masks. I am more on the safe side and try to avoid contact with people the best I can, although the pics below don't show that! 
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I received a great report from the doctor from my physical. I guess you are just going to have to put up with me for years to come. My philosophy is: work out and eat right and your body will respond and take good care of you...tell  that to my joints! Ha! 

You will love this: Sung by some of our best Catholic musicians: 

Learn about my ministry in this video:


Brochure about my ministry: Printable Trifold  

Do you have a dream to write a book? Poetry, novel, motivational, or a children's book? Let me help you.   
This is the Limpias crucifix in our retreat center chapels. What is different about these crucifixes are that Jesus' side has not been pierced. His eyes are still open because he is still alive and suffering. His sufferings are caught in time and eternity so that we can lay our burdens and guilt down at the foot of his cross. On Fridays especially we remember Jesus' sufferings for us. May his Passion be always in our hearts!

 Sundays at 1 pm ET and 10 am PT.
Also: TBN 7 am ET. 

My precious "Pen Pals" write those who are incarcerated to encourage and inspire them. It is Jesus who is our inspiration: "I was in prison and you visited me" (Mt. 25:37). If you would like to participate in this wonderful writing ministry: Email Nancy Firmin at:



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