Donating in your will

Fr. Cedric Ministries has received inquiries from a few kind donors about including the Ministry in their will. A bequest in your will costs nothing right now, but gives a meaningful testament to the importance Fr. Cedric Ministries has been to you. A bequest is also versatile, allowing you to leave a specific sum of money to Fr. Cedric Ministries, or to donate what is left over after specific gifts to your beneficiaries have been made. If you already have a will, a simple codicil (amendment) is usually all that you will need to add Fr. Cedric Ministries as a beneficiary.

Thank you for considering this. Through the support of a gift like a bequest in your will, you would be leaving a great legacy. To receive more information on how to make a bequest in your will, please contact us:

The Congregation of the Passion, Holy Name Community
For the benefit of Father Cedric Ministries
430 Bunker Hill Road
Houston, TX  77024
EIN:  74-1541526

Fr. Cedric Ministries provides information on this website to give you a general understanding of the many ways you can give your support. Because a giving option that results in the greatest benefit to a charity might not be the best option for a donor’s personal circumstances, charities cannot ethically give legal, tax, or investment advice. Please consult your legal and/or financial advisor to determine how this information applies to your own situation.



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