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IMG_5170 (002).jpgThursday July 29th: Welcome TBN/Daystar/EWTN viewers! View More episodes: Watch my YouTube Channel youtube.png  

On TBN/Daystar: Series 800 Be Your Best!/Come Encounter Jesus book: Donations. Your donations help me to reach out to all, including young people and people in prison! Thank you! If you become a new partner, I'll send you a nice picture Bible and other resources. Jesus booklet: Jesus

Thursday: I'm at our residence in Houston. Finalizing the book and working out later. Sunny and Hot.  Here is our finalized cover. We'll have the book in print by the end of August: 

Sunday's Gospel: The multiplication of the loaves and fishes is a miracle that happens in our life everyday. First of all, God feeds us! Give thanks! Then, he multiplies energy, creativity, opportunities, peace, and our outreach. May we not be blind to the multitude of blessings God gives us. How I wish that instead of the apostles saying, "What good are a few loaves and fish for all of these people" they had said, "Master, we know you can feed these people! You are the Son of God!" Similarly, when we are faced with hard situations, we can respond with great faith. Recline and allow God to work in your situation through faith! May God multiply blessings to you and yours! Here is an interview I did with Charlie on Sunday about the readings:

I am working with my associate Steve formatting my new book. We are getting close. The cover is being finalized. We'll send it in to get the book (Real Life/Real Issues/Real Solutions: 225 pages) printed soon. We are almost finished with the book. Letters will be going out. If you want to get on our mailing list: 

Great news. I'll be preaching the Mass at EWTN live Sunday August 1st 8 am ET. Hope you will tune in. I'll be meeting with executives on Monday the 2nd about more interviews and series being aired with them. Pray for this important meeting. I'll fly to Birmingham on Saturday and fly home Monday. Thank you! (Picture from my homily Memorial day) 

Salvation is Free and so are these: Three Free Booklets for download and a Free picture Bible:

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          For the Bible: Email your Name, Address, & Phone # (in case there is an issue with your address. 
Your information will not be shared.) to:

I want you to be saved and have the Blessed Assurance that you are on the way to Heaven. I want you to be filled with the Holy Spirit and develop your personal relationship with God. These truths are what this ministry is all about! Fr. Cedric

Some pictures from the filming June 23/25th in Houston.  
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Here is the prayer card I talked about in one episode: Almighty God: Fruitful

Here is another prayer card: Surrender prayer cardSurrender   Jesus

Live with Passion! airs every Sunday at 7 am ET on TBN and 1 pm ET on Daystar TV. Or simply watch right here on my website. EWTN: Aug 30-Sept. 3rd 5:30 pm ET. (Vicki is a woman prayer warrior who is called to pray for your needs. She will pray with any who want if you email her, or if you want to talk: email your phone number: very secure. 

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Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


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