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Saturday July 2nd: Welcome TBN/Daystar/EWTN viewers! Three Networks/One Mission: Touching Lives/Saving Souls! Thank you so much for your generous support! Donate  The book offer this week is The Sacred Quest (I'll sign purchased books for a donation of any amount.) The DVD or CD offer is for my brand new series 760: You are Blessed!
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Saturday: I'm at our residence in Houston. The filming of four episodes couldn't have gone better Tuesday and Thursday. The filming for my new series: Inexplicable Grace (click on this for episode descriptions) is now complete.  8 new episodes that will air debuting in September. Friday I filmed four more new episodes for the upcoming Lent Year A (2023). It's a workout, but worth it. I rejoice in the strength and grace God gave me to do the filming. My producer and I will be editing these episodes in the coming months. Nice sunny Saturday morning in Houston. I will work out later. I pray you will have a safe and Blessed 4th of July weekend. Safe travels and peaceful moments. We rejoice in our freedom and in our nation. 

Video and Pictures from the filming Tuesday/Thursday/Friday below: 

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Monday June 13th we entered back into Ordinary Time. This 6 month season is about focusing on the life and teachings of Jesus. Discipleship means surrendering our lives to Jesus each day. See my reflection at Ordinary. See booklet: Jesus

Sunday July 3rd my brand new episode is airing. You will love this episode: The Farewell Gift 

I'll speak at a medical convention in Denver in Sept. Also, Full Gospel Convention July 14-16 in CA.
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   For the Bible: Email your Name, Address, & Phone # (in case there is an issue with your address. 
   Your information will not be shared.) to: (Vicki is a woman prayer warrior who is called to pray for your needs.) She will pray with any who want to pray over the phone: Simply email your phone number to her: very secure.

If you have prayer requests by email: 

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Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


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