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IMG_5170 (002).jpgMonday Sept. 27th: Welcome TBN/Daystar/EWTN viewers! View More episodes: Watch my YouTube Channel youtube.png  

On TBN and Daystar: Series 820: Believe Big, Receive Big:  Book: Challenges Make Champions Your donations help me to reach out to all, including young people and people in prison! Thank you! 

Monday: Blessed Monday to you all! I hope you enjoyed my episode about Thinking Big and Receiving Big! I'm so grateful you tuned in and hope you will tell others about my programs. 

I'm in Detroit Michigan visiting with my book editor and religious community in Detroit.  I'm  flying back to Houston on Monday. What a wonderful time in one of my favorite places: Michigan! Pictures below: My preaching in Saginaw, my book editor Janet who lives in Detroit, fun in the Sun in Frankenmuth, MI. 
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Note: New book: We ran out of the first printing of Real Life/Real Issues. We wanted the company to print the second printing weeks ago, but they are behind schedule. Therefore we will receive the next printing on 9/28. As soon as we get them, we will send them out. Many have been calling. We know you are frustrated and we are too. I so apologize. We have your order and will send, trust us. We are doing everything we can to get these books to you. We will as soon as we receive them. If you email me, I will send you the pdf of the book by email: (then we will send the hardcopy by mail when we receive them also.) Thank you for understanding. 

I preached a mission in Saginaw Sept. 18-21st. Tuesday night Mass of the Holy Spirit we were all filled with God's love. You can find all of my talks by going to:  Live stream. Here are some pictures: Mass of the Holy Spirit. Reception after. Lots of good people and food! What great memories and a wonderful Spirit filled event! Thanks to all who attended. 
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Live streamed at:   My Sunday homily:

It's been a year and a half since my last mission in Queens N.Y.! I had great flights Friday. See pictures. (Chicago from the air, Beaches of Michigan)
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Thank you to all of you who have responding to my mailing for my new book Real Life, Real Issues, Real Solutions: (now available through my store). We have had a wonderful response. Every day lots of envelopes being returned to us with generous donations! The books are being mailed out! 

I was interviewed about the Eucharist. Here is the video interview: 

Here is the teaser for my new season of episodes just recorded and edited: Series 820: Be Lifted Up! Episode #4 about Jesus lifting us up...below. Blessings!

Signing books and some of the envelopes that have come in...Thank you! Glad to sign your book...Note: The book is posted in my website store.  

EWTN: Wednesday Aug. 25th I met with an exec about future programming and was interviewed by COO Doug Keck for his Bookmark program. Pic below. We discussed my bestseller: Death the Final Surrender. Meeting and interview went super! The program will be aired Sunday Oct. 24th 10 am ET and Mon. 5 pm, Sat. 11:30 pm EWTN.    ***Here is a 2 minute brief of the filming: 
A few pictures I took:
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The EWTN chapel where Mass takes place and 7 Sat. dishes outside: 
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As most of you know my ministry reaches out to those who are incarcerated with a "pen pal" outreach. Hundreds participate in this. Our Co-ordinator for 10 years, Nancy Firmin, is retiring. Thanks be to God, a gracious couple: Mike and Sue Van Such in South Carolina have stepped up to lead this outreach. There will be a time of transition, but the transfer is in the works. I Thank Nancy for her years of dedicated service. May she sense grace and an abundance of love from God. I welcome Mike and Sue and know God will work in you and through you to touch many! 

Salvation is Free and so are these: Three Free Booklets for download and a Free picture Bible:

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          For the Bible: Email your Name, Address, & Phone # (in case there is an issue with your address. 
Your information will not be shared.) to:

I want you to be saved and have the Blessed Assurance that you are on the way to Heaven. I want you to be filled with the Holy Spirit and develop your personal relationship with God. These truths are what this ministry is all about! Fr. Cedric

Some pictures from the filming of series 820 Be Lifted Up!   My producer and I are editing these and they are airing now!
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friday.jpgfridayb.JPG (Vicki is a woman prayer warrior who is called to pray for your needs. She will pray with any who want if you email her, or if you want to talk: email your phone number: very secure. 

Learn more about my ministry in this video:


Brochure about my ministry: Printable Trifold  

Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


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