Easter is a 50 day Season

Easter is a season of surprises and new life. I saw the story of Chris Tillot from Wilton, CT. on the national news. He was one of the first to contact the Corona Virus in Connecticut. Before long he had pneumonia and they put him into a medically induced coma. His wife Elizabeth thought that they were going to lose him. They have two little twin five month year old boys: Luke and John.

But suddenly, he came out of the coma and made a rapid recovery. Now he is at home with his wife and his boys, alive and recovered. A true Easter miracle.

Easter is about rising, being lifted up, and receiving new life. Jesus, who was mercilessly murdered and left dead in a tomb was raised from the darkness of death. God raised him up! We now celebrate this wonder for the 50 days of Easter. We need a good amount of time to reflect, receive and revel in the wonder.

Easter 2020 has a context: the world wide Pandemic. As I write this there are almost 2 million cases world-wide and over 112,000 people have died. The U.S. is on lockdown and the economy has tanked. Millions are out of work. The toll and the suffering is widespread. But there is a silver lining in this dark cloud: Less pollution, low gas prices, time spent with family, people owning their faith and appreciating what they have, and at least in Texas, no abortions. It is difficult to procure an abortion in most other states also. Think of the babies that will be born! Life out of death, for sure. God didn’t cause this evil plague, but works through it, as always, to bring about good.

In the Gospel accounts we see Mary Magdalene finding the stone rolled back and an empty tomb. She runs to the apostles to tell them. She is out of breath as she tries to tell them what she found. Peter and John then run to the tomb and they are out of breath as they arrive and peer in. There is much confusion about what has happened but also breathless excitement. They went from extreme disappointment to reappointment.

The same thing happened with another two disciples who were on the road to Emmaus. They were walking away from Jerusalem (the place of mission) and going another way, downcast. The Risen Lord walked with them (as he does with us.) They experience a burning within and realize it was the Lord. They change direction and head back to Jerusalem, the place of mission. They were reappointed!

In many of the resurrection appearances, the recipients don’t recognize who Jesus is. So it is in our life. We often don’t recognize when the Risen Lord is with us, speaking to us and appearing to us. When we believe and see, we are re-ignited and we have new enthusiasm.

The Pandemic will come to an end and there will be a resurgence in our country and world. Things may be better than ever before. The resurrection brings a reappointment, resurgence and recovery into our lives. Whatever we are struggling with: Loneliness, depression, grieving, broken dreams, sadness, doubts and despair can all change. Jesus’ rising happened in the twinkling of an eye. Our re-appointments and rejuvenation can happen quickly also.

As you pray, listen to God’s word and worship during these 50 days of the Easter season, expect new and even surprising happenings. God brought Chris Tillot out of a coma. God raised Jesus up from death. God will be at work in your life reappointing and reviving you with fresh new life. A blessed and healthy Easter Season to you all. Fr. Cedric, C.P.

Easter began April 12th and continues until Pentecost Sunday May 31st.  

Watch Easter video here:

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