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IMG_5170 (002).jpgSunday Sept. 27th: Welcome TBN, Daystar and EWTN viewers! View More programs: Watch my YouTube Channel youtube.png

Blessed Sunday. Don't let your hearts be troubled. We live in strange and tumultuous times...yet Jesus offers us HIS peace. I pray you experience renewal and grace from his love...My series 760 is Real Life: Real Issues....

I've updated/revised all of my books. I'm now working on the revision to my final one: "A retreat with Fr. Cedric" I hope to start my new book: Real life: Real Issues, next week. Gorgeous weather in Houston, finally. I will be working out later today. 

Let us pray for Supreme Court justice nominee: Amy Coney Barrett. She is pro-life and chosen for such a time as this. 

I had great day of travel from seeing my sisters in Florida on Tuesday. We received 7 inches of rain from Beta at the retreat center, but the infrastructure handled the rain well. I am opening mail and signing books and dealing with ministry matters. Working out as always. See pictures of my flight and take off from Orlando (downtown) Tuesday. Bumpy flight into the tropical storm, but nothing too bad. I feel great and hope I didn't catch any virus in my travels. 
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Here are some photos I took of Sunrise Wed. Sept. 16th: God's gift of a new day...ever new and fresh. 

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We dedicated a statue of our Mother of Sorrows Sept. 15th at our retreat in Houston. About 50 people and the bishop were there for the dedication. Auxiliary Bishop Sheltz fourth from right: 
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My new series 760 Real Life: Real Issues premiered Sept 13th. My first episode was named: Isolated but Insulated. During this pandemic we may be distanced, but we are protected. Hope you enjoy the programs. Purchase in my STORE. (#760 Real Life: Real Issues) 

EWTN contacted me about my new book: Solutions. I will be having a Zoom meeting with them for the program Bookmark sometime in the future! I'll let you know when. 

Check out this documentary called: God of Wonders. This film has led me to prayer and praise. Watch it in portions. Let it lead you to the worship of God. Our God is so amazing and Almighty. May you sense God's power working in your life:

Saturday I created a video to be displayed on Living Bread Radio's website. They air my programs Sundays at 10 am and 8 pm in Ohio. You can listen live on their site. 

I filmed 8 new episodes Aug. 26/28th. Theme: You are called by name!  Here are a few pictures from the filming: 

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My new book is finally available: There is a solution. Call (713) 464-4932  or go to my store to purchase. Here is a short video below: 

My appearance on the Daystar Network in Dallas Monday (10th) went great and we got lots of orders for the new book. I had such fun being interviewed and preaching and then playing golf with Marcus, the owner of Daystar TV Network. See actual program from Monday Aug. 10th and pics below: 


Studio and some golf after: (The owner of Daystar, Marcus Lamb to my right) Two local pastors also:
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Free booklets about the Holy Spirit: Come Holy Spirit! 
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Learn about my ministry in this video:


Brochure about my ministry: Printable Trifold  

Do you have a dream to write a book? Poetry, novel, motivational, or a children's book? Let me help you.   

My precious "Pen Pals" write those who are incarcerated to encourage and inspire them. It is Jesus who is our inspiration: "I was in prison and you visited me" (Mt. 25:37). If you would like to participate in this wonderful writing ministry: Email Nancy Firmin at:



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