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Saturday Feb. 29th: Welcome TBN, Daystar and EWTN viewers! View More programs: Watch my YouTube Channel youtube.png

On TBN/Daystar: Series 715 Lenten Series. Book: Your Best Lent Ever!  Please consider making a Donation. I air on TBN Sundays at 7 am ET and Daystar TV Sundays at 1 pm Weekly.  EWTN: Sat. 6 pm ET More information about Father Cedric? See his Biography To order or donate: Call: 844-FATHERC or 713-464-4932

Saturday: I am in Abbeville, LA. for a parish mission here. A quaint Louisiana village way South. Huge, historic ediface of a church building. Over 100 years old. Renovated within and just simply gorgeous. Here is a short video narrated by the pastor and his associate: 

A blessed Lenten Season to you. Thoughts about Lent: LENT As we enter Lent we are motivated to give ourselves more fully to and love God will all of our being. The goals of Lent are enlightenment and purification. Blessings in your Lenten journey.
In case you missed my interview on EWTN: Here it is:
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I'm in sunny, warming Houston now. I drive to Abbeville, LA. today. (3 and 1/2 hour drive) St. Mary Magdalen parish. Thank you for your prayers. 

I preached a parish mission in Sulphur, LA. Feb. 15-19th Sat-Wednesday night. Great folks. See pictures below. Lots of great memories of people and they bought a lot of my resources! Today I'm working on ministry matters/working out and getting ready for my Lenten mission in Abbeville next week. ***Watch on EWTN: I discuss my new book: Your Best Lent Ever! Broadcast Sat. 1:30 pm ET. 

Ready for Lent? Starts tomorrow!  My Book about Lent is now available:  

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Tuesday morning, (Feb. 11th) I filmed Bookmark with EWTN COO: Doug Keck. See Brief and photos below. This episode will be about my new Lenten book and will air Sat. at 1:30 pm ET. See video below 


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Sat/Sunday Feb. 8/9th we filmed 8 new episodes of Live with Passion! in Houston. The series is entitled "Through him, With him, and In him." The filming went great. You will love the content: One episode on family, another about depression, one about the power of the Bible and so much more. We now have to edit the raw footage and they will go to air the Sunday after Easter in April. 

First picture from Friday night: promos.  Second picture from Saturday filming. 

Promo for my mission in Abbeville, the first week of Lent. 

Saturday Feb. 1st, I participated in a Mass at the Charismatic center in Houston at 8:30 am and then prayed at a planned parenthood abortion clinic. Met many great people dedicated to life who gave up their Saturday morning to be there and pray. Three of them were University of Texas students. Very inspiring! 
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Sunday we had a Mass for the religious of the diocese at our Cathedral. Pictured: Cardinal DiNardo and the some 1,000 people gathered for Mass. Lots of incense and singing for sure. 1)Cathedral downtown, 2) Cardinal incensing from the back 3) Altar incense 4) Religious and others gathered for worship. 
On Friday night Jan. 31st I went to a Clergy appreciation banquet sponsored by the Knights of Columbus: 
Over 1000 in attendance and a great prime rib dinner!

New brochure about my ministry: Printable Trifold

Work on my book about addictions/recovery is coming along well. 

EWTN: I received word my world-wide Lenten mission (Year A) will be broadcast on EWTN Saturdays of Lent at 6 pm ET and Sundays of Lent 5:30 am ET starting Feb. 29th! On EWTN radio Sundays at 4:30 pm ET.
Also, these episodes for Year A of Lent will be broadcast on TBN (7 am) and Daystar TV networks. (1 pm ET) 

Do you have a dream to write a book? Poetry, novel, motivational, or a children's book? Let me help you.   

It's official! The executives at EWTN have approved my new series "The Hour of the Crucified" for air. Debut Advent 2020.! (Every first Friday of the month.) I will be airing a Lenten mission Sat 6 pm ET and Sundays of Lent at 5:30 am. Radio: Sundays at 4:30 pm. Another series "The Meaning of Suffering" will air after Lent. 
This is the Limpias crucifix in our retreat center chapels. What is different about these crucifixes are that Jesus' side has not been pierced. His eyes are still open because he is still alive and suffering. His sufferings are caught in time and eternity so that we can lay our burdens and guilt down at the foot of his cross. On Fridays especially we remember Jesus' sufferings for us. May his Passion be always in our hearts!

 Sundays at 1 pm ET and 10 am PT.
Also: TBN 7 am ET. 

My precious "Pen Pals" write those who are incarcerated to encourage and inspire them. It is Jesus who is our inspiration: "I was in prison and you visited me" (Mt. 25:37). If you would like to participate in this wonderful writing ministry: Email Nancy Firmin at:



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