Sunday Sept. 24th: Welcome TBN/and inspire/ Daystar/EWTN/FE-TV viewers! Five Networks/One Mission: Touching Lives/Saving Souls! Thank you so much for your generous support! Donation  
SundayI am in Freeport, NY (Long Island) I'm at the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer church this Saturday/Sunday all English Masses, then Mon-Wed. 7 pm. Preaching about "Revival!" this weekend. All welcome. Next week after I'll preach at St. Thomas Church in West Hempstead. 
My updated itinerary: Schedule. 


This Sunday at 10 am ET on EWTN, my full interview about my book regarding prayer: The Sacred Quest. Also, Monday at 5 pm ET and Saturday the 30th at 11:30 pm ET. Brief below. Welcome EWTN viewers! My program airs every Sunday after the morning Mass at 9:30 am ET. 

Sunday October 1st: Preview from my Brand New Series 955-4: This episode is: "The Gospel of John" Airing October 1st on 4 of the 5 networks and many Catholic stations as well as radio and social media. Watch also on my You Tube/FB and my website:

EWTN viewers: Welcome! My programs air at 9:30 am ET each Sunday. This Sunday: Take Courage it is I! I also air on TBN (7 am ET) and Daystar (1 pm ET) each Sunday. My episodes on TBN/Daystar are brand new and different than what airs on EWTN. Welcome. I have abundant resources to help you in your spiritual journey. 

We just received one of our Passionist priests from India Sept. 6th. Fr. Binu Johnson now lives in our community and will minister at our retreat center. His first time out of India. He's been a priest for 8 years. We are eating at Olive Garden. (Another priest, Fr. Jesus from Columbia, South America arrived on the 20th.) We are now 7 priests in our Houston community. 


Changes are afoot: Get ready. This website will be redesigned and have a totally new look. Expect brand new site sometime in October. My Webmaster is working behind the scenes getting the site ready.   

Houston: I will be speaking at several places in the Houston area. I would love to meet you:
Wednesday Oct. 18th: Mary Queen of Peace Church Friendswood: 6:30 pm Mass and talk after. All welcome: 281-482-1391
First week of Lent: Prince of Peace Church NW Houston. Parish mission: All Masses on the weekend and then Mon-Wed. 9 am Mass and 7 pm talk. All welcome: (281) 469-2686

Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


Fr. Cedric Ministries
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