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Monday June 17th: Welcome TBN and Daystar viewers. My toll free phone: 844-FATHERC (844-328-4372) View More programs: Watch my You Tube Channel I air on TBN and Daystar every Sunday. 

On TV: My episode "The look of love" From Series 620   Book: God's Not Boring. Donation Resources TBN: 7 am ET/4 am PT. Daystar: 1 pm ET/ 10 am PT. Free booklet on prayer HERE  

Move to the KUBE: Houston viewers only: I air on the KUBE-57 Sundays at 8:30 am

I am in Houston.  Sunday I aired a program about young people. Some 80% of youth fall away from the Church by age 24! May God save and rescue this generation. My book: God's Not Boring addressed the needs and issues of youth. Today is a rainy Monday in Houston. Working on ministry matters and working out. 

I am back at our residence in Houston after a safe flight home Tuesday. We celebrated Passionist life together in Los Angeles. See pictures below. Scenes from Mater Dolorosa in Sierra Madre, CA. and some of our working meetings...We re-elected our provincial, Fr. Joe Moons.  I will be preparing for my filming on June 22/23. Working out today as usual. Check out my updated "Where to watch" page. 

EWTN: My Series on the Holy Spirit (5 episodes) will air Aug. 26-30th 5:30 pm ET/ 2:30 pm PT. 

Welcome Daystar viewers! Expansion and Growth: I now air on the Daystar network. Starting Sunday June 2nd and consistently thereafter: 1 pm ET/ 10 am PT) US/Canada...Just put your zip code in here and you can find out what the channels are: http://www.daystar.com/watch/ 

"Live with Passion!" now airs on Daystar TV. This network reach is national and international. A great expanse of my ministry, for sure. I will be a live guest on Joni and Marcus on September 11th...Thank you to my partners and benefactors who have made this outreach possible! Love to you!   www.daystar.com Check out where they air around the world! OUTREACH

Tuesday April 30th Sunrise in New Smyrna Beach, Florida:

Divine Mercy Sunday 4/28 Sunrise: 

Series 620 airing now: I filmed 8 new episodes of Live with Passion back in Feb. The anointing was very strong and you will love these 8 brand new programs. They are airing now on TBN. Here is my new set below. 4 different colors: Red/Blue/Purple and Green backgrounds. My view of the behind the scenes (26 minute timer for the bulk of the program) My producer Dan in the middle/left. These programs are airing now.  

My producer Dan Rubottom and I: 

***Free: Live Passionately book download for free. (put cursor on there) 

My new book about prayer (230 pages) The Sacred Quest is now available HERE

Fr. Cedric's former book editor: "Father's books are easy to read, but not an easy read!"

TBN has a nice app you can download onto your iPhone. You can watch all of their channels for free live. Simply go to your app store and download TBN. Go to: mobile.frcedric.org to watch my programs or listen to my podcasts on your mobile device/iPhone. No app, you must Google or put in mobile.frcedric.org. Enjoy!

Check out these links:
For those of you in Houston: Come on retreat! Holy Name Retreat Video
For those of you in Los Angeles, wait till you see our retreat center! Mater Dolorosa Retreat Video

My precious "Pen Pals" write those who are incarcerated to encourage and inspire them. It is Jesus who is our inspiration: "I was in prison and you visited me" (Mt. 25:37). If you would like to participate in this wonderful writing ministry: Email Nancy Firmin at: nancy@frcedric.org



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