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Tuesday Aug. 9th: Welcome TBN/Daystar/EWTN viewers! Three Networks/One Mission: Touching Lives/Saving Souls! Thank you so much for your generous support! Donate  Book: Challenges Make Champions: Series 820 Be Lifted Up! 
jesus-2 (003).jpgTuesday: I'm at our residence in Houston. Hot sunny weather continues. I pray you were inspired by my episode: Be Lifted Up! God is the lifter of our heads. One day he will raise us from death. I remember you at Mass this morning as I live my religious life in community and prayer. (7:45 am prayer, 8 am Mass) I'm studying and working on a talk. I will work out later today. 

Next series: I am reading about trusting God as well as the Splendor of truth as I prepare for my filming in late September. I wrote a script Wednesday about the sovereignty of God. I wrote one Thursday about trusting in God. Saturday: Prayer. I am writing about "Lectio Divina" and getting more out of the Bible by listening. Ancient practice from the 3rd century. I have been negative for Covid since Wednesday...Feeling much better and I thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I am strong and healthy again, Fr. C

I spent a few days in Galveston at the end of July. See sunrise pictures below from Friday July 29th. Glorious:  
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Wednesday: July 27th sunrise: 

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July 14-16th: The Full Gospel conference in Anaheim CA. ended after lunch with Q and A. I was asked many questions. I thanked everyone for their love and hospitality and all prayed a blessing over me. What a graced moment for us all. I have fond memories of the folks at Full Gospel Businessmen International Fellowship! (Although I caught Co-Vid there!) I'm writing an article which will appear in their "Voice" magazine about my witness. 

I also gave two talks Friday: One on "Receive the Holy Spirit: to about 400 men. The other was my witness to the large assembly Friday night (1000). The Holy Spirit was moving and people were touched. Here are multiple pictures. First: Men's conference, then general assembly: 

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IMG_5683 (002).jpgIMG_5682 (002).jpg
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IMG_7546 (002).JPGThis is where I contacted Covid at this conference. Make sure you wear a mask! I'm better now. 

****I will be preaching the Sunday Mass live on EWTN Sunday August 21st. I will meet with execs the day after about my programming. Also a series I produced will air Aug. 15-19th at 5:30 pm ET. 

I presided at Mass at our chapel Wednesday July 6th (the memorial of St. Maria Goretti.) Pics below: 
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The filming of four episodes couldn't have gone better Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. (June 28, 30 and July 1st) The filming for my new series: Inexplicable Grace (click on this for episode descriptions) is now complete.  8 new episodes that will air debuting in September. Friday I filmed four more new episodes for the upcoming Lent Year A (2023). It's a workout, but worth it. I rejoice in the strength and grace God gave me to do the filming. My producer and I will be editing these episodes in the coming months. 

Summer/Fall schedule: Itinerary
Video and Pictures from the filming Tuesday/Thursday/Friday below: 

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Sunday August 14th my episode "A New Heart" is airing. 

I'll speak at a medical convention in Denver Sept 8/9th. I'll be talking about addictions/recovery. 

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Who you are is God's gift to you...who you become is your gift to God! 


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