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Fr. Cedric's Daily Blog
Welcome to all who have watched my TV program or listened on the radio.

I hope you were inspired by "Live with Passion!" Who you are is God's gift to you. Who you become is your gift to God. Check out my bookstore (100% secure site

Welcome TBN viewers! Watch my programs Sundays 8 am ET/5 am PT. Watch my programs on demand: PASSION Call Toll Free: (844) FATHERC for resource orders. 

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Tuesday August 19th: My beautiful mother, the love of my life, passed to the Lord at 9:50 pm (Sunday night) I was whispering "Jesus loves you" in her ear, holding her hand and she was surrounded by my sisters also. It was a very peaceful death. She simply breathed her last. I anointed her, my sisters massaged her. I read to her all day, blessed her, touched her, loved her. Everyone should have the grace to be with their loved one like I had the honor to be with Mom. Her suffering has ended. It was really helpful to have my two sisters there. The nurses and staff were so compassionate. It was an experience I will never forget. After her death, I prayed further over Mom's body alone. I believe she saw me as she ascended to God. I am at Peace.  I will drive back to New Smyrna Beach in the morning and plan her Mass of Resurrection! Celebration upcoming! I am so appreciative of the love, prayers, thoughts and words of all of you on my mother's and families' behalf. The reason I am so calm now and Mom died such a gracious death is because of you all. More information later about the funeral as I figure it out. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, pray for Mom. Amen.

Monday 4 pm: I'm doing fine. Lots of details. Just visited Mom's house. Surreal without her there. Some were asking about flowers. The funeral Mass of resurrection for my Mom will be Wednesday at 11 am. Here is the address. Thank you for your kindnesses! Love to you all. For Shirley Pisegna Sacred Heart Church 1003 Turnbull St, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
Phone: (386) 428-6426  Any New Smyrna Beach Floral shop will deliver.

Tuesday update: Many are flying in from as far away as Oregon! I so appreciate your support, prayers and offerings. I feel loved. If you would like to make a simple donation: Mom's cause: The poor elderly. She has donated all of her jewelry (and Mom loved bling!) to this cause. Simply make a donation through my website and designate it for Shirley in the instructions. I will make sure any donations go to this worthy cause. Thank you on behalf of my mother! Here is the first draft of the worship program. I will post my homily sometime tomorrow: MOM   Obit:

My new book: You Are Loved! is finally available for purchase: Purchase all 18 books are half price! HERE Ironically, I begin by talking about a mother's love and comparing Mom's love for me to God's love for us.

My series #125 is airing on the Church Channel and TBN this week. Books on prayer: Thy Kingdom Come, The Sacred Walk, and Prayer Combo: Resources. Thanks to all of you who would like to become partners!  

I was one of four presenters at the Charismatic Conference in Albuquerque, NM. two weeks ago. Wow, what a great time we all had. An enthusiastic crowd of over 500 people made each session come alive. The theme was: "If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!" We are all walking in greater freedom now. I sold many resources and met some faith-filled people. I have fond memories!  

Monday night July 28: Café Catholica was a Big Hit. Some 900 young adults packed St. Michael's church in Houston to attend Mass and listen to John Michael Talbot. I presided at the Mass and preached about "super-sizing" your faith. I told how I once ate at McDonald's (rare by the way!) When I ordered a Big Mac, they asked me if I wanted to Supersize the fries and drink. I said "No way." But the Gospel was inviting us to "Supersize" our faith! It starts small as a mustard seed but wants to grow and progress and become Huge so that branches occur and birds come to nest in them! A great time was had by all. Some signed up for our young adult retreat Aug. 8-10th and others talked about vocations. What a night!! Here is a picture of the huge crowd!

My new book "You Are Loved!" has been published. I just received the books. They look great! If you are on my mailing list, letters went out about the book and you will be receiving them any day now. Thank you for supporting my ministry! I am signing the books now for those who are supporting me. The book will be posted in my website store in August.

Here are some "pearls" of wisdom I collected: Pearls

Every year there is a solemn novena to St. Ann at our monastery/shrine in Scranton, PA. Here are the talks from this year:

I wrote many new talks for TV. I just filmed 14 new talks (June and July)! When my producer finishes editing them, I will have two new 7 program series: "Challenges make Champions" and "More than a Conqueror." It was a lot of work, but challenges make champions! Now I have some time to catch up on emails, work on ministry matters and watch the British Open. Here is a picture from the shoot with my producer Buddy:

Meditations about Ordinary Time.

Here is a booklet I recently wrote that can help you receive the Holy Spirit: Revolution.

Here is a booklet I wrote that can help you receive the new birth of the Holy Spirit: REBIRTH 

The filming of my new series went perfect May 20-21 and July 13-15. I have 14 new programs that will air this fall. Here are a few pictures from the filming: 


Check out this one minute video about our Worldwide Passionist Community: The Passionist in a minute

Check out my updated ITINERARY

Here are some of my favorite sayings. Some mine and some from others: PASSION

Jesus is Risen! Now and forever. The tomb is empty and the throne is now occupied. Easter isn't one day. Easter is a "season" of 50 days. Read my explanation of the Season of Easter here: EASTER 

Here is a great opportunity to help folks in prison: Please prayerfully consider this:

I now have my Rebirth booklet in Spanish. Rebirth  Go to "Free Stuff" for other goodies...

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