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Fr. Cedric's Daily Blog
Welcome to all who have watched my TV program or listened on the radio.

I hope you were inspired by "Live with Passion!" Who you are is God's gift to you. Who you become is your gift to God. Check out my bookstore (100% secure site

Welcome TBN viewers! Watch my programs Sundays 8 am ET/5 am PT. Watch programs on demand: ITBN Call Toll Free: (844) FATHERC for resource orders. 

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Monday April 21st: I am flying back to Houston on the 1 pm flight out of Orlando today. Our provincial is "visiting" our community and we will have meetings with him. A provincial is like a bishop.

Easter isn't one day. Easter is a "season" of 50 days. We are in the context of the Octive now.Read my explanation here: EASTER

The fifth week of Lent, I preached a mission at Sacred Heart Church in Conroe the fifth week of Lent. Wow is all I can say. I was with these folks nine years ago and they embraced my mission even more this time! Lots of resources sold, new partners and the Kingdom proclaimed. I'll see many of them at our retreat center when they come on retreat. I loved them all. Now I'm in Houston: catching up, watching the Masters and some rest. I'll fly out to Mom's in Florida on Tuesday to celebrate Holy Week and Easter with her. Blessings on you as we journey towards Passion Sunday and Holy Week. Perfect weather today!

I preached a mission at Notre Dame Church in Houston. (Concluded April 2nd) Wow. These folks are serious about their faith. So many stories. So many people. My life has been touched by them. Each night the crowd swelled. On Wed. night we were all filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. Many took envelopes and prayer cards to become partners with my TV ministry. Afterwards it was like the paparazzi with all the pictures. My books and resources flew of the tables. I have writers cramp. I will never forget these folks. Wow is all I can say. I have two days to catch up on things and I drive to North Houston: Conroe for a mission at Sacred Heart church. I was there about 8 years ago. I look forward to my return.

Here are some pictures from Monday night:

My TV program "Live with Passion!" will be preempted in most cities on TBN because of their telethon. (Sunday April 6th only) There will be some exceptions in 6 cities such as San Antonio. Thanks for your understanding and please support TBN!

Here are my three mission talks from St. Edmond's church in Lafayette, LA. the second week of Lent. The camera was small, sound not good, but at least you can listen and see. Fast forward through music and enjoy. 

We are in the journey of Lent. Lent of course is a season of grace. Originally Lent began as a retreat for those entering the church. We now retreat for 40 days with the Lord. Any retreat has goals. The goal of Lent? 1) Progression in your relationship with God. (Make time through prayer, silence and reading.) 2) Personal growth. (Go to confession, examine your conscience, identify your weakest area(s) and be rigorously honest with yourself. The purpose of our journey in or outside of Lent is sanctification. 3) People: Lent is about helping others. I hope you will seek a way to get involved and help in any way, but some way. As you journey through these days centering on these three areas, may your Lent be fruitful and growth-filled!

Read more fully about the season of Lent: LENT 

Here is an article that was published about my ministry in the Houston Catholic Herald. I know it is hard to read since it was scanned in: TV

Catholic Digest is publishing an article about my ministry that will appear in their April issue. My ads are appearing in Our Sunday Visitor and America magazine now. 

Here is a great opportunity to help folks in prison: Please prayerfully consider this: PEN PAL.

My latest booklet: Let Jesus In: Booklet

I now have my Rebirth booklet in Spanish. Rebirth  Go to "Free Stuff" for other goodies...

Both pictures taken from my August shoot for Series 200 


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