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I am grateful to God for the opportunities of preaching, writing and TV producing that I have in my life. Below are some of the places and activities I'll be involved in:

I usually preach the homily at all of the English speaking Masses Sat/Sun. Then the mission normally continues Mon-Wed. morning and evening. Call to be sure. There is no charge to attend. No tickets needed. All denominations welcome. I usually give out the Mass/Bible booklet: WORD as a free gift. 

Ready to be touched? Ready to be saved? Ready to be baptized in the Holy Spirit?

Missions in Fall 2015:

June 10-17: Passionist Chapter meetings in Sierra Madre, CA.
June 17-23: My private, contemplative retreat in Big Sur, CA.

***June 25 (Thursday evening): I will be a guest on TBN's Praise the Lord TV program. Live from Los Angeles. 10 pm ET.

 Latter 2015 events: (Soon to be posted with church names and websites...)
Sept 12-16: Belle Harbor, NY.; Sept. 26-30: Donaldsonville, LA.; Oct. 5: Rosary Congress Mass New Orleans, LA.; Oct. 10-14: Winter Park, FL.; Oct. 24-28: Atlanta, GA.; Nov. 28-Dec. 2: Houston, TX.; Dec. 5-9: Beaumont, TX.

I hope to see you (and bring a friend) at one of these dynamic and inspirational missions! Free admission, my books and DVD's/CD's will be available. Special mission discounts. Love to you,  Fr. Cedric

Father Cedric Pisegna, C.P.
430 Bunker Hill Rd., Houston, TX 77024-6308
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