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I want my website to be a place where you can experience the grace and blessings of God for you. I offer you 3 booklets I have written, as well as my first book, "Live Passionately!" free of charge. Simply download them below and enjoy. From time to time I will have various TV programs for you to view. Also, check out my podcast page to listen to some of my radio programs. May God touch you!

TV Programs:

Watch my TV program at 9 am ET From New York City: Daily:

Watch 10 excerpts from my TV programs: Passion!

Watch on UTube:

Watch my programs on Trinity broadcasting's ITBN: TBN:TV

Check out this video about God: Universe

Here is a TV program about Eternal Life: Eternity

Various TV programs: Watch

Booklets and Book:

My newest booklet written 10/5/13: Let Jesus In: Jesus

This booklet about "Experience Rebirth" will inspire you. Rebirth 

Here is the Rebirth booklet in Spanish: Volver a Nacer (translated by Maria Gilbert: Accu-translate)

This booklet will help you to "Face your fears": Fears

This booklet will inspire you to become who you can be: WorthLiving

This is my first book, "Live Passionately!" Normally $15 BOOK

Live Passionately! in Spanish: ESPANOL (edited by Maria Gilbert contact: Her phone: 817-729-4691 (She does translations...)

Healing from abortion booklet: Healing

Here is a bookmark for my books: Print it out: Bookmark


This is interesting. It shows what % each religion is in your state: Check it out:

Take a few minutes and worship God along with this song: Worship

Check out my radio programs: Podcasts


Here is the examination of conscience form I promised you on TV:

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